Case Study: Rapidly Converting a 64-Video Course into Engaging Blog Posts with Video Tap

PlanetScale is the world’s most advanced serverless MySQL platform. Recently the company launched a MySQL for Developers course that allows developers to strengthen their MySQL skills in a way that is relevant to their everyday work. The course consists of over 60 high quality videos covering everything from conceptual database content, optimizing MySQL queries, and everything in between.


The Challenge

PlanetScale wanted to expand their reach and improve accessibility to their MySQL for Developers course material by offering an accompanying written blog posts for each video lesson.

Manually transcribing and converting 64 videos into high-quality, engaging blog posts would require significant time and resources, potentially taking months to complete.

The Solution

PlanetScale decided to use Video Tap to streamline the process of converting their video content into blog posts. Video Tap’s AI-powered technology allowed them to:

  • Transcribe: Quickly and accurately transcribe each video lesson in their 64-video course.
  • Blog post generation: Generate SEO-optimized, engaging blog posts based on the transcribed content, with a focus on key insights.
  • Customizability: Edit and customize the generated blog posts to match PlanetScales brand voice and style.
  • Time savings: Save months' worth of work by automating the content repurposing process.
  • Cost savings: Reduce costs significantly. A typical 500 word blog post costs an average of $400. PlanetScale was able to realize over $25,000 in cost savings by leveraging Video Tap.


The Results

By leveraging Video Tap, PlanetScale successfully converted their entire 64-video course into engaging blog posts in a fraction of the time it would have taken through manual methods. The benefits they experienced include:

  • Rapid content repurposing: Video Tap's advanced technology enabled PlanetScale to complete the conversion process in just a few days, saving months of work.
  • Improved accessibility: Offering written blog posts alongside video content allowed PlanetScale to reach a broader audience, including those with hearing impairments, limited internet bandwidth, or a preference for text-based learning.
  • Increased engagement: The SEO-optimized blog posts generated by Video Tap helped PlanetScale attract new users through organic search traffic, resulting in higher course enrollment and user retention.


  • Cost and resource efficiency: By automating the conversion process, PlanetScale avoided the need to hire additional content writers or burden their existing team with the tedious task of manual transcription and writing.

Overall, Video Tap proved to be a valuable tool for PlanetScale, enabling them to expand their content offerings, enhance accessibility, and save valuable time and resources. Check out the MySQL for Developers course here.

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